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A win for clean water! 60.5% No; 39.4% Yes

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Most recent poll data by KATU News/Survey USA with demographic and party break down, KATU News, May 16, 2013
200 Portland medical professionals speak out against water fluoridation, KPTV News, April 19, 2013  
State cavity data shows Portland cavity rates lower than in Oregon's fluoridated cities, KATU News, April 25, 2013
New report shows across-the-board dental improvements for Oregon kids, Oregonian April 24, 2013
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Employees Union opposes water fluoridation.  Portland Tribune, May 13, 2013
Native American and conservation leaders speak out on fluoridation risks to salmon, KPTV News, May 15, 2013
Portland NAACP opposes fluoridation measure, Willamette Week, April 17, 2013
Did state employees help pro-fluoride advocates on state time?  KATU News, May 20, 2013
Portland's longest serving City Council member editorializes against fluoridation, Oregonian May 15, 2013

Fluoridation Chemicals Threaten Clean Water

Fluoridation would mean adding 1.1 millions pounds a year of fluorosilicic acid, an unpurified industrial byproduct of fertilizer production to some of the world’s best water.
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Recent Science Shows Health Risks

Major scientific studies from the National Academy of Sciences and others have reported serious uncertainties and risks from fluoride in drinking water, including decreased childhood IQ and thyroid disorders. Recent science has also led to warnings against regularly mixing infant formula with fluoridated water to avoid excessive exposure for infants.
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Better Alternatives For Kids' Teeth

Across the United States cities that have been fluoridated for decades are still facing dental health problems. Increasing access to care and prevention education is the only real solution to improving kids' dental health.
Instead of spending up to $7 million on a fluoridation plant and $500,000 or more a year on fluoridation chemicals, a comparable investment in increased access to care would better help at-risk kids while protecting the entire community from the health risks of fluoridation.
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Recent News    


Oregon DEQ Employees Union (AFSME 3336) Votes to Oppose Water Fluoridation

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Employees Union has voted to adopt the following position: "AFSME Local 3336 stands in opposition to the practice of fluoridating community water systems." The union's website post announcing the position stated that during the discussion regarding fluoridation, "Those speaking in favor of the motion expressed concerns about the potential water quality degradation from by-products of fluoride production and uncertain health effects of fluoride ingestion."

DEQ_screenshot_5.2.13_JPEG.jpgThe original post the DEQ Employees Union made announcing the vote is included here.
NOTE: Because the text of the DEQ employees position stated that the union "stands in opposition to the practice of fluoridating community water systems," but did not technically reference the Portland vote, we note this fact here. Clean Water Portland does not restate the Union's position in order to imply any endorsement of Clean Water Portland, only as an important statement in opposition to water fluoridation. 


Link to study on arsenic levels resulting from use of flurosilicic acid by Dr. William Hirzy, PhD. 


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